Thank you  l o v e l y  Elizabeth.

in my womb I carried my avenger;

Haven’t you heard? Black is my color.


As long as Mary is alive, she could be queen. No, no. The Act of Succession makes it impossible. Elizabeth, your daughter, will be made heir to the throne. But the king can change his mind!

anne boleyn meme // (2/2) drunk scenes → s02e05


When did I become us?


When did I become us?

Skye in “Shadows”

A friend once said the memory of a single man is a fortress, more complex than the vastest of cities. But we invented a key to the fortress. There are no secrets anymore. My friend’s name was Edge, born from the Sensen abuses, he was the first to understand that we were all floating adrift. Edge died to remind us that some intimate doors are not supposed to be opened and that suffering, like painful memories, is just part of life. My name is Nilin Cartier-Wells. I am a memory hunter. I can know everything about you, and I can make you believe whatever I want. This is my gift, my legacy. For the first time in my life I remember exactly who I am. Outside my fortress, I now have a family to go back to and a world to confront - A damaged world. A world to heal. This is what my friend told me before he disappeared. I’ll never forget him.

I  ’  M    O  N    M  Y    O  W  N    N  O  W

"That’s  n o t  my name."